Descripción del proyecto

Quixotes, the heirs of La Mancha, based upon a Book «The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha “. Is a 11-year-old Alfonso, heir of Don Quixote, and his 3 imaginary and musical rabbits join Pancho and Victoria, to save their beloved town of La Mancha from a huge storm, caused by evil triplets who want to own the land.


This film is a Co-Production with GG Films (Argentina), STUDIO100 MEDIA (Germany), SIA (Germany) and MARK13 (Germany), having 3 Doubles Producciones as a service provider for rigging, layout and animation. Director Gonzalo Gutiérrez and some of our professionals such as Maxi Díaz are currently working on this film. They are enjoying themselves while working in this animated film that will appeal to all audiences.