Descripción del proyecto

One of the works with the most impact and of which we are very proud is Momonsters, a children cartoon series. Already broadcasted in Clan (TVE), this summer will be enjoyed in several countries around the world. Produced together with Big Bang Box, KD Productions, Antaviana Films and TVE.

The Momonsters Haha, Hehe, Hihi, Hoho and Huhu want to be a child’s best friend, but… where can they learn how? At the Momonsters Academy! Where every day a different little boy or girl will show them their favorite thing in the whole world: playing hide and seek, decorating muffins, playing soccer, dancing with a hula hoop, reading a comic book… Afterwards the Momonsters will have to demonstrate that they can do it themselves.

Watch it on RTVE


Vitotito Animation, Big Bang Box, KD productions Toon and Game, RTVE, Antavia.