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Project Description

Based on some of Russia’s most beloved fairy tales, the movie follows the adventures of the young warrior Koshchey, whose mission is to destroy the White Monster, who made him an outcast. His world changes when he meets the young circus actress May and together they embark on an exciting adventure to save the world from an ancient evil force. Directed by Andrey Kolpin, the movie is penned by Evgeny Golovin, Maria Parfyonova and Anton Lanshakov.


Koschei, Baba Yaga and Vodyanoy are well-known heroes of Russian folklore. Everyone knows their stories and who they are, but no one understands why they did what they did. In our animated film we want to show these heroes from the opposite side. We show how these creatures become themselves. Magic world is not so simple as we think it is. Our Koschei is not an geedy old man, he is warrior who bravely fight against the fate’s trials.


3Doubles Producciones is in charge of animation and we already started to work on the teaser shots, together with the first sequences of the feature film. Maxi Díaz and Miguel Angel Fuertes are part of the team.

Project Details

Skills Needed:


Parovoz Animation
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