Descripción del proyecto

Interestellar Ella is a project was carried out by 3 Doubles Producciones and Grid BVBA. Interstellar Ella is a 52×11′ animated series aimed at four to seven year olds that explores the themes of friendship, astronomy, planets and learning through play. Following the story of Ella and her group of friends on their adventures in the Galaxy, the series aims to familiarise children and their parents with basic astronomy and astrophysics, with each episode teaching the young audience all about the solar system, space, and how the Earth is part of a bigger picture.

Interstellar Ella is going to be globally represented by Aarmand Sales & Acquisitions and the will air in the UK on CBeebies and on TVO, TFO and Knowledge Network in Canada and VRT Belgium. Pre-sales have been secured by the producer with ABC Australia and Hop! Israel, although we still do not know when they will be released.