Descripción del proyecto

Inspector Sun and the Curse of the Black Widow’ directed by Julio Soto (‘Deep’). It is a co-production of The Thinklab Media and Gordon Box in association with 3Doubles Producciones. With the participation of Radiotelevisión Española, the support of the ICAA-Ministry of Culture, the financing of the ICO, the financing of Sodena, and the support of Epic Games through its Epic MegaGrants. International sales will be handled by Kapers Animation and distribution in SPAIN will be handled by TRIPICTURES, whose studio is located in Pamplona, and Gordon Box in association with 3Doubles Producciones, based in Tenerife. The Thinklab moved in 2020 from Madrid to the moved its activity from Madrid to the production centre in Navarra in 2020 to make the feature film «Inspector Sun and the Curse of the Black Widow”

Rocco Pucillo has written the screenplay for ‘Inspector Sun and the Curse of the Black Widow’. The text won the Samuel Goldwyn Award at its 58th edition in Los Angeles in 2013.

The film explores the children’s thriller genre with a story set in the 1930s, aboard a luxury plane in which humans and insects coexist. Ruined millionaires, black widows, hired killers and smugglers come together in this original film noir where insects of various species, with spiders at the helm, have created their own particular universe.


The Think Lab, Gordon Box, RTVE