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How to create your portfolio for 3D animation?

Por |2022-08-04T10:54:54+01:00julio 6th, 2021|Categorías: Storyboard|

Create your 3D animation portfolio is very important but, what is a portfolio? A personal portfolio is an evidentiary document designed to provide qualitative and quantitative information. Having a good artistic portfolio is essential to make your way in the creative industry or in this case 3D animation. In addition to experience you are looking [...]

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Inspector Sun and the curse of the black widow

Por |2022-08-04T11:49:15+01:00junio 15th, 2021|Categorías: Storyboard|

Inspector Sun and the Curse of the Black Widow' directed by Julio Soto ('Deep'). It is a co production of The Thinklab Media and Gordon Box in association with 3Doubles Producciones. With the participation of Radiotelevisión Española, the support of the ICAA-Ministry of Culture, the financing of the ICO, the financing of Sodena, and the [...]

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We keep on creating

Por |2022-08-04T12:03:43+01:00junio 2nd, 2021|Categorías: Storyboard|

At 3 Doubles Productions we keep on creating. After a difficult year we are still lucky enough to continue working and giving the best of ourselves. Growing as a company and generating content for all kinds of audiences. The projects that are underway and others that will be in the future are the following: MOMONSTERS [...]

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Our productions

Por |2022-08-04T15:41:18+01:00mayo 14th, 2021|Categorías: Storyboard|

Creativity involves the exercise of thinking new things, or associating things to generate others that are applicable and become a different solution to what is already established. However, each one of us has developed guidelines, models, on the basis of which we organise our ideas and perceive the world. The mind only sees what it [...]

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Who is 3 Doubles Producciones?

Por |2022-08-05T11:26:17+01:00abril 27th, 2021|Categorías: Events, Storyboard|

3 Doubles Producciones was founded in March 2017 by Darío Sánchez and Luis Torres, with the idea of making their own productions, as well as animation services for third parties. In February 2018, the company underwent a shareholder change, in which both partners separated and decided by mutual agreement that Darío Sánchez would continue with [...]

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Winnipeg, a seed of hope

Por |2022-08-05T12:26:00+01:00abril 27th, 2020|Categorías: 3D Animation, Events, Film|

"Winnipeg, a seed of hope" has been awarded by La Liga de la Animación Iberoamericana (Animation! Ventana Sur, Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards and Pixelatl Festival). 3 Doubles Producciones is being part of this feature film, together with El Otro Film (Chile), La Ballesta (Spain) and Marmita Films (France). Based on a graphic novel from Laura Martel, it is being [...]

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“ARPO The Robot” Youtube series

Por |2022-08-09T09:58:01+01:00noviembre 18th, 2019|Categorías: Events, Film|

3Doubles Producciones has started a new service for Moonbug Entertainment Ltd (UK) and its production "ARPO The Robot". After some months of hard work in order to improve the quality of this old show, first episodes has been delivered and published in Youtube. It is being a great success and the first 2 episodes has [...]

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Misión Comercial Silicon Valley

Por |2022-08-09T10:06:13+01:00octubre 30th, 2019|Categorías: Events, Film|

3 Doubles Producciones ha sido beneficiario del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional, cuyo objetivo es conseguir un tejido empresarial más competitivo y gracias al que ha acudido a la misión comercial a Silicon Valley (San Francisco) para fomentar su internacionalización. Esta acción ha tenido lugar en octubre de 2019. Para ello, ha contado con el [...]

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«The Ogglies»

Por |2022-08-09T11:22:40+01:00julio 18th, 2019|Categorías: 3D Animation, Film|

The Ogglies are looking for a new home. They end up in Smelliville, a beautiful and peaceful village. Unfortunately, Smelliville has a stinky problem: The local garbage dump is spoiling the place. Something must be done. Another work carried out by 3 Doubles with WunderWerk’s animated family film “The Ogglies,” based on the hit German [...]

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Mundos Digitales 2019

Por |2022-08-16T09:54:38+01:00julio 15th, 2019|Categorías: 3D Animation, Events|

Durante el pasado fin de semana se celebró en A Coruña el Congreso Internacional de Animación, Efectos Visuales y Nuevos Media en su XVIII Edición Mundos Digitales  La decimoctava edición del Congreso Internacional Mundos Digitales reunió en A Coruña a profesionales, empresas y estudiantes del mundo de la animación, efectos visuales, videojuegos y nuevos media. Las jornadas contaron con [...]

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