Inspector Sun and the curse of the black widow

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By: Marketing Department Junio 15, 2021   The constant development of technology and the Internet has created new demands on access to culture and entertainment. In recent years, games and interactive environments have become considerably more popular, to the point that they are not only the protagonists in video games, films or in the creation [...]

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We keep on creating

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By: Marketing Department Mayo 24, 2021   At 3 Doubles productions we continue to create. After a difficult year we are still lucky enough to continue working and giving the best of ourselves. Growing as a company and generating content for all kinds of audiences. The projects that are underway and others that will be [...]

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Our productions

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By: Marketing DepartmentMayo 14, 2021 “We love to work & we love where we work” Creativity involves the exercise of thinking new things, or associating things to generate others that are applicable and become a different solution to what is already established. However, each one of us has developed guidelines, models, on the basis of which [...]

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Who is 3 Doubles Producciones?

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By: Marketing Department Abril 27, 2021 "We create the stories so that the child in you never stops dreaming.” The company was founded in March 2017 by Darío Sánchez and Luis Torres, with the idea of making their own productions, as well as animation services for third parties. In February 2018, the company underwent a shareholder [...]

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