By: Marketing Department
Abril 27, 2021

«We create the stories so that the child in you never stops dreaming.”

The company was founded in March 2017 by Darío Sánchez and Luis Torres, with the idea of making their own productions, as well as animation services for third parties. In February 2018, the company underwent a shareholder change, in which both partners separated and decided by mutual agreement that Darío Sánchez would continue with the company independently. Darío Sánchez specialises in Technical Telecommunications Engineering, as well as Management and Administration of audiovisual companies. His track record includes productions such as Deep (nominated for Goya 2017) and series such as Clanners (created for Clan TV), Nella The Princess Knight (created for Nickelodeon) or videogames such as «Ginger beyond the Crystal» (PS4, XBOX, Nintendo Switch), among others…

3 Doubles producciones specialises in the production of 3D animated series and films. Based in Tenerife, located in the Canary Islands. It operates as its own company and arises to to respond to the growing demand for 3D animation audiovisual services at European level, in order to promote audiovisual creations based on these technologies at international level.

Its first works have been a co-production with the company Arcana Studios (Canada) entitled «The steam engines of Oz«, an advertisement for the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Council, animation services for Arcana Studios for the film «Hallowaiian«, the pilot episode of «Interstellar Ella» and four special episodes of «Daily Fables«, both as services for Grid BVBA (Belgium), the feature film «Koshei» (service for the Russian company PAROVOZ) and «Arpo the Robot«, a webseries for youtube (service for the company Moonbag Entertainment). During 2019 he co-produced the first season of the series «Momonsters«, which has been a success on CLAN TVE and has already been sold to different countries around the world.

Currently, they are working on the feature film «Inspector Sun and the curse of the black widow«, they continue with the webseries «Arpo the Robot» and co-produce the second season of «Momonsters«, together with Big Bang Box, RTVE and Antaviana Films. 3DP’s professional team is made up of more than 70 professionals, many of whom have worked on, among other productions, Planet 51, Deep, Atrapa la Bandera, Animal Crackers and Tadeo Jones, the latter one of the highest-grossing animated films in 2017, which accumulated more than 15.3 million euros in takings and 2.7 million viewers.

«The vision of 3 Doubles Producciones is to produce entertainment projects that are characterised by their creativity, technological development and quality to position ourselves as a leading company in Europe. In our process of continuous improvement and growth we generate partnerships that allow us to push new boundaries.»

We aspire to become a reference studio in Europe in the creation of content. Our values are integrity, responsibility, commitment, respect and ethics in everything we do. We will continue to create new ideas, innovate constantly and together we will make successful projects.

3DP’s business model is framed in the “B2B».

Its main lines of business at present are:

✅ Third party production of 3D animation series and feature films.
✅ Co-production of 3D animation series and feature films.